Why visuals are so important in webmarketing?

posted on March 17th 2014 in Graphic


It’s not a secret that visuals have an increasing importance in digital marketing. Marketers love them and some social media websites or apps are even based only on visuals, such as Pinterest and Instagram. But why are they so important and why do people love to share them? it’s what we are going to see in this new article.

A first reason is that they simplify the thought process. The information conveyed by an image reaches our brain 60,000 times faster than words. It’s certainly related to the fact that 93% of communication between individuals is nonverbal (1). The emotional connection is first. And our emotions affect our decision-making. People take action faster when aroused by visuals, rather than by reading a lot of text.

Also, because we are more and more overwhelmed by content and information, visuals are efficient at grabbing people’s attention quickly. In the era of “infobesity”, our attention span is reduced now to about 3-8 seconds. A visual image offers a good way to give some key facts immediately, and the reader can then decide to continue whether to read further.

These facts could explain some results research, such as: 46.1% of people evaluate the credibility of a website first by the look of the design; visitors spend 100% more time on a webpages which contain videos; number of “likes”, comments and shares is higher for photos than text, links and videos; Pinterest, drives more traffic on a website than Google+, Youtube and Linkedin together (2).

Even if it does cost more time or budget, it is recommended to include some quality visuals regularly in your content.

Some marketers deem that infographics are particularly good, offering the perfect combination of relevant and helpful information with eye-catching graphics. You might have seen these kind of trendy visuals, gathering statistical information about a specific topic. As for me, I wouldn’t be so positive about their use on a website, finding them often tiring to read and not so quickly understood. I share the stance of Rand Fishing who recommends showing key information with itemised visual assets such as photos, charts and graphs, illustrations and storyboards. Not only are they far simpler to execute, they are most of the time far simpler to understand.

His visual showcases this argument efficiently:



(1) Billion dollar graphics
(2) Stéphanie Kennan, Bang Marketing

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